A web app that displays movies currently playing in theaters and ranks them using information from the MovieDB API.

Built with React.js, Redux, and Node.js.

Discord Music Bot


A discord bot that plays music with features such as volume control, queuing songs, YouTube video and playlist support along with other fun commands.

Built with Node.js and deployed on Heroku.



ARIA (Administration, Registration, and Information Assistant) is a web application solution for the Northern Nevada Music Teachers Association (NNMTA). Its main purpose is to replace the old WordPress version with an application that is more efficient and easier to use.

Major technologies include React.js, Redux, Flask, Node.js, PostgreSQL, and Docker with Kubernetes.

Rusty Chip


A CHIP-8 interpreter made with Rust and rust-sdl2 for graphics and audio.

This interpreter acts as a CPU to fetch, decode, and execute incoming opcodes from a loaded game ROM. This was made as an introduction into emulators and how emulators are made. The development was made easier due to having knowledge of computer architecture.